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A little about our story

Hello to all of you amazing humanoids out there. Bear with me as this is my FIRST EVER blog post. I have always been a creative person. Everything from writing; poetry, stories, research info, ideas and I am always writing ‘To Do List’s’ for, myself! Haha…My family has always told me that I should do a Blog or a Vlog. I paint, I draw, I write but honestly, I am just a creative mind and it is probably for that reason, I thought, ” a Vlog or a Blog, what is that?”

I am forty years old(hey, hey be nice now, I hear that forty is the new twenty, I have high hopes. Haha). I will admit I had to do my own research as to learn what a, Blog and Vlog actually were. After learning what a vlog and a Blog were. I was not excited about the idea of either one. Although I DO write a TON, I usually write for ME and not for other people to read. Long story short; here I am writing my first blog post ever.

First, I would like to apologize that it has taken me this long to do my first blog post. Second, I think I should probably tell you a bit about myself and how our company, True Bliss Products, LLC came to be born.

I will try to keep this as short as possible. As time goes on I will share our entire story with all of you, boring details and all. Right now, I think I will start out a bit slow as to keep this first blog post to a minimum. Otherwise this would most likely be a novel and you would be quite bored.

Our journey started about ten years ago when I was diagnosed with what they call, Fibromyalgia. I was devastated, especially due to the LACK of information available at the time of my diagnosis. I filled much of my free time doing all kinds of research and I kept coming back to one conclusion. Natural is always better.

It was about that time that life was about to be quite trying on my family and myself. While heading to a family funeral, our youngest son, my husband and myself were rear ended by a man fussing with his cell phone. That vehicle accident caused permanent injuries to my back. My injuries coupled with the apparent fibromyalgia added to my already diagnosed medical issues were a lot to deal with, not only physical but mentally as well. For my family as well as myself. My medication’s were making me feel MUCH worse. I was doing extremely bad.

My husband called me one day to tell me that we had to take an ALL NATURAL approach to my health. That is what we did. We researched so very many natural items. We kept going back to CBD and Hemp. The marijuana plant really is an amazing weed. It has so many health benefits. My husband and I purchased quite a few different CBD tinctures and creams. I was not happy with many of the products. I am not going to name them. We were surprised and sad to learn when we had a couple of these products tested that the companies were not always being honest. It is for that reason we did what we did next…

We made our own product’s that we could be proud of. Products that we would let and trust for our OWN families to use. We started True Bliss Products to HELP other people like it has helped ME. I know that all people are different and what works for one may not work for another. We believe that a company should be honest. Ingredients should be as Natural and Organic as possible, ALWAYS. What we put in and on our bodies is so important! The bottom dollar is not what the most important thing is to us. PEOPLE are important to us and companies need to start thinking about their customers again. The customers that trust and respect those companies are HUMAN BEINGS! We all share this beautiful Earth together so let’s spread kindness and love!

Check out our shop for your all natural CBD Infused Hemp Oil tincture, beard oil, acne serum, Lip Balm, etc. today. More products to come. Cheers to CBD and all things HEMP!

Thank you for reading my short novel. 😉

Love Yourself Always! XO


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